Dedication, study, perseverance. I think I admire Rob at least as much, if not more than he admires me 🙂
This was a fascinating discussion not only about his journey, but about how the brain uses neurotransmitters to create self-destructive habits, and what you can do about it! Have a thorough listen now below, or read the transcript here.

DISCLOSURE: It would be unreasonable to assume that just taking our program would result in similar weight loss because Rob was uniquely motivated and in unique circumstances. The typical engaged customer in my previous programs has reduced their episodes of overeating by almost 90% and lost at least some weight as measured after completing 30 days. For more information on the typical results and how we measured it, please see the program details page here. SCROLL DOWN AND HIT PLAY NOW TO HEAR HOW ROB DID IT!

DISCLOSURE: The typical, engaged client in my previous coaching programs reduced the frequency of their overeating episodes by 89.4% and lost at least some weight, but it would be unreasonable for you to assume that just taking this program will cause you to lose 150 pounds as Rob did.